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Vigil may have been created during Ulduar, but its core player base has been around the block too many times to count, and frankly the number would be embarrassing. With the Lich King dead the curtains are closing on the expansion. As we've seen countless times, the end of every expansion is a perfect time for players to reassess the time they spend playing this video game called World of Warcraft. Many players decide that it is no longer enjoyable, or they decide it is time to chase skirts (no offense Flip), or they rededicate themselves to that thing people call the "real world." By that I mean they lock themselves in a dark room and watch every single heart breaking episode of MTV's The Real World until their eyes bleed. While some of our former raiders pursue things outside of Azeroth, the remaining members must look to the future. With that in mind, Vigil is recruiting players that will allow us to continue our tradition of working hard enough to be a top twenty-five guild. What does that mean for you, humble adventurer? It means that now is your best chance to ditch your struggling guild with a wishy-washy raid leader and get yelled at by yours truly. I know, the offer sounds too good to be true, but it gets better. Sometimes I won't yell at you. Crazy, I know.

Our general recruiting standards still apply. If your guild hasn't gotten to Heroic ICC then our scouts will not take a serious look at your application. Your best bet is to hit the weights, maybe join a semi-pro league, and try out again in a few months. If your guild is anything but 11/12 in Heroic ICC then you'll have to explain why you are better than your fellow raiders and have the logs to prove it. If your guild has finished the instance and is now in a state of decay, then as long as you write an intelligent application you may even be offered a signing bonus. How does a stack of flasks sound?

Other than that it's important that you want to play WoW for at least another six to eight months. I know you can fill my heart with empty promises of being in it "for the long haul" and how I'm the one. Unfortunately, my heart has been broken too many times. Therefore, I've built a wall around it that you'll only be able to breach when you and your fellow raiders reach level 85 and kill Ragnaros, again. Then, and only then, will I show you the light that keeps the guild alive, and you will be like me.
Thanks and good luck,

PS If for some reason that did not convince you, maybe this video of us being awesome at WoW will:

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Not another "Alldis n Xyliaa Want You" pic.

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I should be in these front page pics, because I look so fucking good.