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11-26-2010, 04:24 AM

There is a new World of Warcraft Combat Analysis project - Raidlogs - WoW combat log analyser (http://www.raidlogs.com)

Key Features:
* Guild Raid Sessions Management - Easy navigation.
* Multi-Team Guild Support - Manage all teams under a single/many account(s) sharing the same guild association.
* Role Detection.
* Attempt Overview Report - Output pies, Tanks/Raid Healing Responsiveness and Role Cast.
* Meters and Histograms Reports - The obvious plus Efficiency information.
* Contribution/Distribution Reports - Raid wide reports using a stacking bar chart format. Useful for Target focusing/LOS Healing/Rotation Utilization.
* Encounter Mechanics Performance Reports - Tailor made hundreds of reports for each Boss encounter.
* Comprehensive Comparison System - Output/Mechanics in both Raid/Players modes.
* Guild and Player Search Tool - Quick access to a Player statistics Page or to a Guild Session Index.
* Ranking system - World/Location/Realm and Multiple Class Specs Support.
* Players and Guild Promotion system.(Not live yet)

Official Europe WoW Forums Thread:
Combat Analysis Tool - Forums - World of Warcraft (http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/900711353)

Home Page:
Raidlogs - WoW combat log analyser (http://www.raidlogs.com)

Demo Sessions:
Raidlogs - WoW combat log analyser (http://www.raidlogs.com/info/guild/38)

Any thoughts, comments and feedback is Welcome!

Author of raidlogs

11-29-2010, 12:52 PM
New Dark Theme added!

12-05-2010, 07:34 AM

Raw Log Browsing System is Live now.

About the Raw Log Browsing System(RLB):
RLB expression editor is a free text control able to parse SQL like where clause.
RLB currently does not have a wizard UI to auto generate the expression. You write the expressions in a similar way that you tell someone what to do, well sort of.
RLB has no limitation of row count thought you can see 100 at a time, you can traverse from the start to the end of the fight raw logs.

RLB consist of three panes:
- Upper Pane: This pane hold the legend of all available Contexts.
- Left Pane: Will show only if you're logged in, this pane let you save/update/delete Expression Presets to your Private Preset Library or to Your Guild Preset Library
- Lower pane: The actual Expression Editor where you enter your code.

What is a Context
A context is an abbreviation for something you may look for in the Raw Log, like: Source Unit Name, Spell, get all Hostile Units, get all failed dispels and many more.
An expression may include a single context or many of those which you decide how to relate one to each other by using logical operators.

- Get all source friendly units missed melee events:
[s_friendly] and [miss_melee]

- Get all player's 'ImAlwaysdispeling' dispels:
[s_name] = 'ImAlwaysdispeling' and ([dispel] or [dispel_failed])

- Get all players died from defile:
[t_friendly] and [killed] and [spell] = 'Defile'

- Get all stacks information about Mystic Buffet for player 'IdidNotGetAbove5Stack'
[t_name] = 'IdidNotGetAbove5Stack' and [aura_all_applications] and [aura_all_removals] and [spell] = 'Mystic Buffet'

- Get all Damage taken from targets with names starting with 'Shamb' (take notice that like is case sensitive and ilike is not)
[t_friendly] and [dmg] and [s_name] ilike 'shamb%'

- Get all CC's done to a Valkir with Spawn ID-35876
[t_spawn_id] = 35876 and [spell_cc]

- Get all dispels done to the Tanks between '2010-12-1 10:21:22' and '2010-12-1 10:21:52'
[t_tank] and [dispel] and [time] between '2010-12-1 10:21:22' and '2010-12-1 10:21:52'

- Get all DPS and Healers whom agroed:
([t_dps] or [t_healer]) and [dmg_melee]

- Get only the dispels from Pally healers:
[s_paladin] and [s_healer] and [dispel]

Note: At this point, if you enter an invalid expression, RLB will not tell you what exactly is wrong but only a general error message.
Although I'll be addressing that in the future, This is what you might want to check out If you get errors:
1) Check that you use Valid context Names, you'll need to include the Brackets([]) too.
2) Check that you enter a valid value to a mandatory Value Context such as [spell] (It has to be [spell] = 'some spell name' or [spell] in ('spell name 1', 'spell name 2')).
3) Check that the logical operator are in place. write something like [t_friendly] [dispel] will result in an error. Should be: [t_friendly] and [dispel]
4) Time values must be fully qualified with year-month-day hour:minutes like '2010-12-1 10:21' (seconds and milliseconds are optional)
5) Check that your expression does not include words like: delete, select, drop, create, update and such. this is due to monitoring SQL Injections.
Raidlogs will reject any expression with such content.

A link where you can check it out:
Raidlogs - WoW combat log analyser (http://www.raidlogs.com/fight/browser/585/19)

This is just an introduction post, I'm sure that people will be very creative in what they can get out of it.