View Full Version : First Firelands Post

07-06-2011, 02:12 AM
Shannox: This fight is dumb. It boggles my mind that the correct strategy is to tank Riplimb very far away, never do damage to him and ignore the trap mechanic. The encounter should require the raid to kill Riplimb when Shannox throws his spear but before the dog can retrieve it. We attempted this method and Shannox miraculously reacquired his rend stick before our tanks stacks reset. Instead of being an interesting encounter that requires precise coordination for the dps it’s just a mindless clusterfuck that ends with a win. Very rewarding.
Lord Rhyolith: This fight is full of too much. Too many ground AoE’s. Too much fire. Too many volcanoes. Sometimes too few volcanoes. Too much RNG in terms of volcano spawns and activation. The end result is another encounter that isn’t challenging. When you win you’re glad all the volcanoes activated at the right time and none of them were on the other side of Maui.
Overall the first night was frustrating and unrewarding. I’m sure the rest of the instance will be far more frustrating but hopefully the first kills will be an accomplishment.

We didn't line up for screenshots because who lines up for glorified normal modes? They'll be vidoes of these kills soon so you can fall asleep at your keyboard.