View Full Version : Bumble, Stumble, Splat

07-07-2011, 04:21 PM

After bumbling into a brick wall with our heads for a few hours on Tuesday we decided it would be beneficial to turn on the lights in the room on Wednesday. With that simple feat accomplished we were able to see the walls were covered in spiders. There were the remnants of some of the spiders we blindly stumbled into still on the walls, but it would take a concerted effort to rid the room of all the spiders before we could kill the Queen and end the infestation. The task was less daunting than it appeared when we logged off Tuesday night, mainly because we found an extra large fly swatter in Walmart, which we used it to splat everything in sight.

I think by the next boss we'll have rediscovered the art of taking screenshots with the entire raid, instead of the people that are AFK.

If anyone knows where we can procure a large shotgun that'd be helpful. Next we're hunting birds.