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12-08-2011, 08:49 PM
Hi Dyveriate,

Nevermind, fudged the math with that last post. Anyways after revisiting the idea I assume with CS glyph, it's a fairly standard CS -> SS x 2 -> AS x 2 (AiS proc possibly) -> SS x 2 -> CS again. Given this info with the double focus regen via the T13-2p, do you think it's better overall to change to a high haste build such as the CS -> SS x 2 -> AS x 3 -> SS x 2 -> CS, which i believe requires around 3k haste. While this rotation is typically focus deficient, with the double focus from SS, it actually provides quite a bit of excess focus allowing for a possible 4th AS every 3 rotations or so. Obviously, the haste requirement 3,074 to be exact, is quite steep and would most likely require reforging out of mastery in order to obtain it. Basically, does this seem like a viable build with the T-13 2p if one wants to keep the CS glyph. The only other real alternative I can see is using the same cast sequence without the CS glyph, possibly RF or KS, most likely RF since it's a low haste build (430 or so).

Hm. Or actually I just thought, with the bonus focus regen, you could do a CS -> SS x 2 -> AS x 3 -> SS x 2 -> AS -> CS. It is a very tight build with 3,074 haste required (Presumably not using the CS glyph), and with the double regen of SS coupled with the focus regen with that much haste, you actually have a slight excess per rotation. Again, not sure if that level of haste if viable, but squeezing in the extra AS seems to make the mastery -> haste reforging worthwhile. Sorry to dump all this on you, but my guild, and for the most part my server, lack hunters who take any sort of mathematical approach to the game.

I know you're in the midst of progression and probably won't have time to respond for a while, but I look forward to hearing back and goodluck with H DS progression!

12-08-2011, 10:35 PM
I should add, with that amount of focus, still assuming an AS dump over AiS dump seems kind of ridiculous. But given the Tier-13 4p and the haste proc from AS only, I feel it bolsters this rotation by providing more haste/focus regen - allowing for 0.95s SS' and an extra AS (5 per rotation). Furthermore, by allowing more AS, you further increase the chance of keeping the 4p bonus up (have yet to see a definitive ICD on it). Also if there is no ICD, seems unlikely, but possible, then the CS glyph could come back into play with the 4 SS 4 AS rotation rather than the non-CS glyphed 4 SS 5 AS rotation. I don't know how plausible this is as I only have 2p at the moment, so thought I would suggest this and see what you thought. Anyway, gl in H DS, I'll try to refrain from posting every time a new thought pops into my head =(.