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12-10-2011, 08:50 PM
I have a strange feeling the rules were changed and I missed the memo. Maybe itís more accurate to say I avoided the memo. I, we, a majority of Vigil, chose to skip the Dragon Soul PTR. I was online for a lot of the scheduled Firelands PTR raids, and at the end of the cycle I felt the time commitment too large and the reward too small to warrant devoting an equal amount of time to the 4.3 PTR. After three raid nights on heroic encounters I stand by this decision, because I donít see it as the main reason we are so far behind.

When I first heard the of the new craze, lfríing ten times in one week to get tier pieces for the entire raid, I had a natural revulsion. Extra raiding? No thanks. But, that is partly, or predominately, due to my aversion to playing WoW more than necessary (lfríing probably (read: definitely) greatly reduces the amount of time spent on progression, so my logic was flawed) and specifically due to moving the week 4.3 went live. Then I heard guilds were getting the ban hammer and I thought our lack of planning, and general apathy, had paid off. That was not the case. The obvious exploits were punished, but the ďlegitĒ raid juicers retained their edge. I was furious. I wanted to bitch from the rooftops. I wanted to condemn every guild that participated. I no longer feel that way.

The first week of this race was decided last week in LFR, and on the PTR. We knew we wouldnít be the first horse out of the gate, but world 220th, really? That stings. To save a sliver of my ego Iím going to assume that the first four, or five, bosses in ten man are a complete joke.

My rationalization (further rambling):
Itís preposterous to get angry at a team for spending an extra five hours one week to obtain a significant advantage over a team that doesnít invest the trivial amount of time required to obtain the same advantage. Especially when you consider the total amount of time that is about to be spent on the race. Previously, all of us spent months between content patches farming gear, and when the content was released we started on the same playing field and the raids average ilvl remained relatively level throughout the race. This helped us math averse guilds decide whether to invest time on encounters. Oh, such and such guild killed blah blah and their DPS sucks (by rule everyone elseís DPS sucks) so we can totally kill this boss. Now, Iím at a loss. This is partly due to guilds having more new tier gear in their raids, and partly due to guilds dedication during Firelands to run multiple groups in order to pump out orange sticks, and a concerted effort to recruit players already wielding orange sticks. In WoW, for those of you that need a history lesson, this is the second time a DPS legendary has been released in a tier that was not the last one of its expansion. I hope it never happens again. But, I digress.

Back to the race! Weíre behind. No, we arenít going to forfeit. Now I know everyone else is raid juicing, and if professional sports have taught me anything itís that cheating is okay as long as everyone knows and expects everyone else to do it. Yes, I believe that running LFR for three players at a time is an unintended use of game mechanics, but Blizzard either doesnít care, or like me, has no idea how to prevent the practice. If this is how the game is going to be played from now on then so be it. Granted, if I said we wouldnít partake in this illicit gear weíd high horse our way into obscurity, so I really donít have a choice, but I can pretend.

See you guys on the front page of wowprogress (25)