View Full Version : Spinally done!

01-20-2012, 01:46 AM

Iím not sure how we did it, but we finally managed to finish Dragon Soul. Now that itís over I can safely say it was not enjoyable. All of the encounters turned out to be greater gear checks than skill checks, and gear is my least favorite aspect of the game. My outrage at LFR was misguided. I should have been furious at Blizzard for making the race about how many legendaries a guild could recruit. Our Spine kill had only oranges that were made by Vigil. Weíre bad recruiters. Spine is mind numbing for twelve minutes, but right after the first lift on the last tendon the entire encounter changes. The last minute and a half is a totally different encounter, which requires many, many attempts to learn. And when youíre learning those last hectic seconds Blizzard decided to reward raiders by causing the subsequent attempt to be an automatic wipe because bloods donít despawn. But we persevered, miraculously. When we finally killed it it took a second to register. I was the designated dispeller, and I died, so those responsibilities fell to Fetch for the last thirty seconds, but Fetch was out of mana. When we killed the tendon there was .1 seconds on debuff before Fetchís mana ticked and was able to remove it. Iím sure the DPS was equally close to not finishing the tendon, but I was too busy watching the milliseconds tick away on the debuff to notice how much time was left on the lift when it died. The collective sigh of relief that followed the realization that the encounter was complete resounded throughout the internet. The kill was not satisfying, but the knowledge that we wonít have to complete that encounter for awhile required me to change my pants.

A quick note to Blizzard: Thank you for making me feel like an inadequate guild leader by choosing not to actively poach players because their guild chose to collectively work to equip that person with a legendary. Thank you also for designing encounter that allow us to follow your mantra of bring the player not the class, I know our enchancment shaman really value your continued efforts, and my restoration shaman would have felt unwanted if I wasnít required to play him for an encounter this tier.

edit: Iíve just been told that there is actually another encounter after the hardest encounter, weird. I guess we arenít done just yet, but Iíve been assured the encounter is only a technicality and this minor glitch will be resolved after the weekend.