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03-17-2012, 03:46 AM
I'll give some information about myself before I head straight to the questions.

Class/Spec I will be applying as: Enhancement Shaman

I raided with Seriously Casual and Reckoning early this expansion during BWD/TFW/BoT. Joined Odyssey for firelands in early June and raided with them for about two months before quitting because I wanted to experience my first year of college without gaming involved.

Came back to the game in January for about 2-3 weeks and Refined picked me up. But they were already finishing up this content with madness progression so I decided to just wait until M.O.P. So my gear is primarily 372 / early Firelands gear / and a bit of DS when trying to catch back up.

So I'm looking for a guild to raid with in M.O.P.

Anyways, on to some question(s) I'm curious about before applying and potentially wasting yours and my time.

How crucial are WoL too you guys?

Meaning no matter how well thought out and written my application is, I won't have any chance of getting into the guild. All of mine have expired besides one from Reckoning. But I was big on screenshots so I'll be home Sunday when I leave my college for spring break. So I can search through SS folder for old pics of my performance with these guilds. Would this be enough?

Are you guys looking for an enhancement Shaman?

I raided on Mal'ganis for about 1 1/2 year(s) and I remember your old enhancement Shaman Kresh. I heard he quit (not entirely sure) which was unfortunate if he did. I talked to him a few times via pm about various of things concerning the spec. By far one of the most knowledgeable person of the spec I've ever personally talked too.

Hope to get a quick response.

03-17-2012, 03:52 AM
We have had our current enhancement shaman for about a year now, with another two players who could fill that role if they ever did decide to quit. Good luck in your guild search.