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05-10-2013, 01:16 PM
Around two years ago Vigil was the 4th US guild to kill Heroic Ragnaros. For many, including the officers, that was the end of an illustrious raiding career. A shell of the former guild cleared Dragon Soul, but the spark was lost. By the time MoP came out, the shell was shattered. From the shards a new Vigil was born. The roster had new names, and the officers were fresh and ready for the challenges ahead. Vigil climbed back into the progression race one step at a time. Two top guilds have come to Mal’Ganis to steal our thunder, and have faltered. With excellent play this week, after a 3% Lei Shen wipe late Monday night, we were the 5th US guild to complete Throne of Thunder, and 18th in the world. I would like to thank the veterans, five players remain from our Firelands roster, and our new raiders for returning Vigil to the forefront of the US and world raiding scene.

Throne of Thunder was a great tier of content, with many memorable mid bosses such as Council, Durumu, and Animus. Lei Shen was a truly magnificent end boss, taking us 3 weeks and 292 attempts to complete. Each phase required perfect execution and progression was steady as we learn something new every single pull, with extremely tight positioning, movement, and cool down management throughout the fight, and a curveball of static shock RNG in phase 3. As for Ra-den, we killed this boss in 22 attempts, too bad we will never see the anima phase.

Throughout this tier, we never raided more than 5 days a week, had minimum PTR experience, killed every single progression boss inside our advertised raid schedule, used one alt on two separate progression encounters, and most importantly, had a ton of fun along the way. The world first race has devolved into a race of ever higher raid hours and ever expanding roster of alts and bench players. But for everyone else, there is still an enjoyable game left, where high rankings can still be achieved with limited time and players. We look forward to the next tier where we hope to continue improve our rankings while maintaining our set raid schedule.

If you are a great player who is looking for reasonable raiding hours, a fun environment, and good rankings, please put in an app!