View Full Version : 4-5 Man RaF Dungeon Group

09-20-2014, 03:43 PM
Server: Any-US, Horde

Dislike solo questing and prefer to run dungeons? If so, I'm looking for members to form a RaF dungeon group.

(1) Four members with the battle chest +(if we get 5) one member with 2 RaFs tied to their account.
(2) Lots of free time for flexible game sessions - "no life" preferred.
(3) Prior experience with the game - no deserters midway through please!
(4) Prepared to level 2 characters to 85 and 1 to 60, within two weeks.
(5) Willing to level 1 tank/healer to suit the group's composition for dungeon finder.

Group Expectations
A basic understanding of gameplay mechanics such as: aoe-ing, standing out of bad, the tank usually pulls, etc.

Able to handle long hours of spamming rotations.

Other thoughts:
*(TS3, vent, mumble): We'll probably be using it unless everyone is a loner like me. I usually keep to myself and will occasionally do some call outs. It's fine if you just want to listen in the whole time as 1-85 only takes about 20 hours.

*I plan to level one dps, either hunter or warlock.

*Hoping to start one week from now on Friday (Sept 26) sometime after noon EST.

Contact me: voren001@gmail.com
*Include any times you're not available and top 3 class/role picks.