View Full Version : Anub 25m ToGC - Healing Phase 3

11-12-2009, 02:10 AM
Hey guys. Could use some help, if possible. Finally getting to phase 3 and working towards downing Anub. We are using 6 healers: 2 Paladins, Disc Priest, Holy Priest, Restoration Druid, and Restoration Shaman.

Paladins are putting Beacon/Shields on the offtanks and healing the main tank.

Priests are assigned to each group, glyphed for Holy Nova, and using that (Holy & Disc). Think the Disc Priest should go Holy instead?

The Shaman is using Healing Stream + another Shaman's Healing Stream in his group, while he watches PC targets.

The Druid has a Shadow Priest using Vampiric Embrace + another Shaman's Healing Stream, while he watches PC targets. Not sure if the Shadow Priest is using Imp VE...

Anyways with that said, the Restoration Shaman is using Healbot (added the debuff to his stuff) and the Restoration Druid is using Grid + GridStatusRaidIcons and Penetrator. Anything we need to change up or suggestions? Our Shaman may need to pick up Grid + RaidIcon?

11-12-2009, 09:26 AM
Things we learned: Holy Nova is a terrible solution. It results in excess healing, which your dps will have to make up for. Aside from our melee groups, we have two shadow priests in two groups and an enhancement and an elemental shaman in the third.
Our paladins have beacon on the MT and are each assigned to an offtank.
Our healing comp is typically: Paladin, Paladin, Priest, Priest, Druid, (Priest or Druid) Aside from the paladins every healer is assigned to PC in phase three. Each priest shields different people (First and second person, third and forth, and fifth. The druid rejuvs everyone with PC) If you have 2 healers assigned to it people are going to die. We found it was better to be safe then sorry in regards to PC.

Hope that helps.