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  • Hellscream

    Heroic Garrosh is dead. It was the US 5th/World 19th kill and our best performance of the tier aside from week one.

    Siege of Orgrimmar was an interesting instance. On day one, with no heroic PTR experience, we killed six heroic bosses. By the end of the week, only four bosses remained. Siegecrafter proved to be the first big roadblock of the instance. A single death to matter purification beam ended an otherwise good attempt. When we killed it we were significantly behind our competition. Paragons went slightly better, even though some raiders loved to feed the hungry kunchongs.

    In spite of multiple setbacks, like losing a few core players: our only shadow priest and dps warrior, we had a chance to finish strong on Garrosh. After 178 wipes, we killed the Warchief on the last attempt of the night, after a 2% wipe earlier in the evening. We almost raided more than 25 hours this week, which would have been a sin.

    I want to give a shout out to everyone who helped us throughout this instance, but were not in on the final kill, especially the healing core who had to endure multiple 4-heal bosses on the bench. We look forward to the new expansion and the exciting new challenges Blizzard has planned.

    We are also recruiting all exceptional players, please put in an app!
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