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  • Blackhand

    Blackhand is finally dead. It took more than 300 attempts but we triumphed, beating a boss that has claimed many top U.S. guilds.

    This tier has been a great roller coaster ride. We were able to go 6/10M on the first week, while raiding only 20 hours unlike most of our competitors. Over the next few weeks, we were hit with multiple setbacks, including targeted DDOS from a rival guild, a main tank and a warlock ninja quitting in the middle of furnace progression, and multiple video cards blowing up at the worst times. Despite these setbacks, we were able to kill Furnace the night before the ilvl buff. As for Blackhand, we were forced into sitting our entire melee core and using multiple alts, such as a tank with no mythic loot, and a rogue that hit lvl 100 4 days before progression began.

    I want to thank all our officers, raiders, and trials for persevering through all the difficulties we have had this tier and a big shout out to everyone who helped us progress but were unable to be in on the Blackhand kill. This tier was one of the hardest I have experienced as a GM and I am glad we have survived. I look forward to the next tier and all the new challenges Blizzard will create, just please don't make me sit all the melee again.

    We are recruiting for the next tier, specifically a main tank, a couple of ranged dps, and a couple healers to round out our roster. If you are interested please fill out an app!

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