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  • 9 Circles of Hellfire Citadel (9/13 Mythic)- Still recruiting!

    The Fury of Hellfire patch 6.2 has been released for about a month and Vigil is happy to be on the last leg of Hellfire Citadel at 9/13 Mythic. That being said, we are still looking to make some immediate additions to our roster for excellent, focused, raiders who are ready to take the incoming wipefest head-on.

    We are specifically recruiting as follows:
    1-2 ranged (spriest, warlock, moonkin)
    1-2 healers (immediate need for resto shaman)

    Read on for Lymi's Inferno

    Hellfire Assault (Limbo)- As Dante's first circle was an inferior version of heaven, this encounter was a superior version of a trash pull.

    Iron Reaver (Lust)- A few of us were overcome by barrage and blitz instead of lust, but that's not to say the fight still wasn't a blast...XT-Deconstructor would have loved to give this fel-infused dynamo a pounding if we didn't get there first.

    Kormrok (Anger)- The punishment Kormrok inflicted on us reflected each of his pools, which taken one at a time wouldn't be too bad but altogether made for an interesting challenge.

    Hellfire Council (Violence)- This circle brought 3 bosses that were each violent in their own right. Gurtogg brought the river of boiling blood, Dia mark dispelling made us want to suicide, and Jubei'thos punished us blaspheming sodomites with fel blade and felstorm which stung just as much as burning sand and rain ever would.

    Kilrogg Deadeye (Greed)- In his thirst for power, he never saw us coming. That could have also been because of the missing an eye thing though...

    Gorefiend (Gluttony)- There was no icy rain on this encounter so we should have been able to see the corrupted souls' healthbars a little better, but overall this was a very challenging/frustrating yet strangely rewarding fight. Getting caught in doomwells was just as self-degrading as overindulging in our addictions to raiding but we got our acts together and left Gorefiend out in the cold.

    Socrethar the Eternal (Heresy)- His soul is eternally condemned to a fiery tomb thanks to us. Next!

    Shadow-Lord Iskar (Fraud)- Like Geryon, Iskar took on different forms throughout his time on Draenor-ultimately leading to his alliance with the false prophet Gul'dan. He tried to trick us with dark bindings, but we saw right through them and now like the other frauds, Iskar's lying in a ditch somewhere.

    Fel Lord Zakuun (Treachery)- “To recognize that the treachery of one member of a house does not taint all born within it” Grom and Garrosh Hellscream redemption in a nutshell. Just glad to see Grom wearing Zakuun's face as a helm, how cool is that, right? This fight was a great spin on the usual "dps/healer" check presented to wow players every tier.
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