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Movie Review: Chappie

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Category: Sci-fi / Action
Rating: 8 / 10

This movie was pretty damn good. It's basically a sci-fi flick about a self adapting/learning AI in robot form. The movie right off the bat starts off with robots leaping off helicopters to shoot black people in a drug deal bust.

The development of the characters, specifically Chappie, is the main focus of the movie. The AI has a sense of right and wrong instilled into him from the start which goes against the goals of the people who house him and try to teach him. You actually start to feel bad for the robot at a few points in the movie too during the development process and once it's near "human". There's several action scenes too but none of them were really built up to the point of competing with your typical action movie. I think what really impressed me with this movie is just how fluid the robots were in the movie. You'd think they actually had developed this crap already.

The main downsides to this movie to me was just how improbable some a lot of things were. The likelihood of a software programmer just getting randomly ambushed in a company van etc. The police force who go from being capable of operating without robots to suddenly being completely crippled during a "testing phase" of the units, etc. Not to mention there's the typical sci-fi BS tech with unreasonably fast data transfers and matrix-like screen garble that is apparently as simple as ABC 123 for everyone in the movie. Chappie's developed accent is annoying too but it's still several steps away from being as bad as jar jar binks.

It's still a good movie to watch though even with all that. The story is primarily focused on Chappie and his development as a functional learning robot. I'd recommend the movie to basically anyone interested in a decent sci fi / action movie. The robots are cool, storyline is decent, and the ending isn't 100% sappy. In fact it's kind of creepy.

In the future, AI and robotics has advanced to the point where it can differentiate between aggressive and non-aggressive targets and operate fluidly enough to interact with humans regularly. South Africa has decided to try out a squadron of robots for its police force which it uses for both dangerous missions and normal police work.

Robot 22 gets damaged when he takes an rpg to the face (chest). He is sentenced to a life of scrapmetal afterwards. The creator of the AI decides he wants to try out a new AI system that isn't pre-programmed for war but can develop just like humans do.

He decides to borrow robot 22 to try out his idea but along the way gets hijacked by a bunch of thugs. They all get together and agree to raise the robot as one of their own. Robot 22 is renamed Chappie and begins to develop taking traits from his friendly software creator and the thugs who house him.

Notable points:
-Futuristic criminals always have wacky dreadlocks/braids and all the women have 80's fashion sense.
-The developer of future AI can create intelligent robotics with a sense of morality but he still has them use microsoft sam to communicate with humans.
-Chappie manages to download the entire internet from in a few seconds from an abandoned warehouse in the middle of nowhere, South Africa. Strong legit wireless connection.
-Chappie says the internet is full of so much information and knowledge from all the humans around the world. Not sure if that includes Kardashian news, botox rumours, black lives matter movement, jay leno episodes, etc....not to mention all the porn ever made which is likely half of the internet.
-In the future, people still use "cats acting like humans" pictures for humor. Fuck.
-A spic is named America....
-South Africans wear "$100 USD" boxers and US flag blouses because there's no better way to show you support freedom and democracy.
-Hugh Jackman's robot is basically an ED-209 from robocop.
-Apparently the human brain can be summarized and passed around in computer file in .dat format.
-The point at which the Chappie finds a way to convert the mind to data, he basically creates the means to extinct mankind. After this, the entire human race as it is known becomes irrelevant and immortalized in steel. Robots proceed to take over the world and eliminate all humans who have ever lied.
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    I'm surprised you made no mention to Die Antwoord here... I mean I liked the movie too, but the whole thing was basically a music video / advertising for their random ass music

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