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Movie Review: Cinderella

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Category: Fantasy
Rating: 7 / 10

This is basically a live action remake of the classic fairytale. It doesn't really deviate that much from the original story. You can actually watch this with your kids or younger relatives and actually have an idea of what's going on. This is refreshing given that many of the old fairytales have been "reinvented" to the point where they're barely recognizable. Ex: Maleficient being a tale of rape and recovery, Snow White being a warrior in a LOTR-lite tale, Alice in Wonderland being an action/war movie.

There isn't much to the tale. If you already know the story told to kids back in the day then you know what to expect. The only difference is that they did a bit of a better job in keeping it as a simple story with a happy ending. There's less emphasis on her being lonely and doing slave work and living in poverty and more on the fact that her step family is a bunch of assholes. The cartoon version (and especially the book) had a lot of subtle messages that seemed to imply a girl should hope for a prince charming to save her from labor and elevate her status/wealth.

Ella is a happy child born to a happy family. They live a happy life and Ella has such charm she has a special relationship with all the animals around her. Her father is a merchant and has some wealth and a nice house.

One day, her mother becomes ill and passes away. The years go by and Ella and her father are living together. However, at one point her father asks Ella for permission to remarry and have a chance at happiness again. In come the stepmother and her daughters.

At one of the parties thrown at the house, the step mother walks in and sees Ella and her father having a bonding moment and grows jealous. The father passes away and from there she forces Ella to become a servant handling all of the work around the house. When serving breakfast one day, Ella gets some ash on her face from working the fire and earns the nick name Cinder-Ella.

Days go by and the Prince calls for a ball where all of the maidens are invited. However, CInderella has her outfit trashed by the girls in her house and she's all sad until her fairy godmother appears.

*Notable points*
-When Cinderella's father is slowly asking for a chance to " be happy" and remarry, the obvious motivation for him was to smash again.
-There is a lot of push up and cleavage shown.
-The fairy godmother went out of her way to get her stuff pushed up to the point of pain.
-There are no chirping birds to help with the construction of her dress in this version.
-Those lizard footmen looked creepy as fuck.
-This movie is actually filmed in a parallel universe of Game of Thrones. Robb Stark is working with Xaro Xhoan Daxos to become king of the north before the long winter.
-Robb Stark just can't keep his political marriage promises and will marry for love, what can go wrong?
-I was secretly hoping for Roose Bolton to walk up to Robb during the wedding to sweetly whisper, "Princess Chelina sends her regards."
-You can tell this is filmed in 2015 because there's a token black guard, a black captain, and a couple other minorities just for the sake of it.
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