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Movie Review: The Huntsman: Winter's War

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Category: Fantasy / Action
Rating: 7 / 10

This is the sequel to the original huntsman movie -- which was just a modernized Snow White. There isn't a whole lot that's related to the first one with the exception of the huntsman and a couple of other old objects/characters. It's worth watching even if it takes awhile to understand what the new story has to do with the old one.

The focus is on Freya who has an affinity for icy things. It's a retake on the story of the snow queen. It's comparable to Disney's Frozen in some ways just without the singing, happy characters, or the blonde releasing her icy powers just by letting her hair down.


Before the days of Snow White there lived two sisters. Before the Queen became the ultimate black widow, she had a sister who was happy and in love. One day her kid dies and she becomes the ice queen. She adopts kids of all kinds and trains them to serve as her army as she conquers the icelands. Her main rule is for nobody to ever love.

An incident occured which led to the huntsman escaping and fulfilling his destiny of helping Snow White. Afterwards, the snow queen gets word that he's still around and wants him dead. The huntsman decides he can't keep running so he schemes up a plan to end the chase once and for all.

*Notable points*

-You know it's a fantasy movie where there's negros in a medieval setting and girls who can match the strength of men.
-Leave it to the black guy to backstab his best friend.
-Nobody has explained what the people of the icelands eat or how they survive. It is far too cold to support vegetation and consequently there would be no wildlife.
-The mirror is still a really bad mirror and offers no reflection whatsoever.
-Leave it to the chicks to bring the other girl who she is closest with down since she's getting too happy.
-The queen is actually Kerrigan from Starcraft.
-I like to find the hidden messages in movies. I think what the movie was trying to say is that when you no longer have the gold items the chicks who were bound to you only by gold will break down and disappear.
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