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Movie Review: 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi

Rating: 2 votes, 4.50 average.
Category: Action / True-Story
Rating: 6.5 / 10

Anyone who is American or keeps up with current events has heard of Benghazi and knows most of the details since it was flooded in the news for 2 weeks and is a favorite topic of Republicans.

The general story follows the downfall of Libya leading up to the incident at Benghazi where a group of muslims killed an American diplomat and several soldiers. This is a big deal because it used to be that nobody messed with the USA.

For the most part it follows the events but it's directed by Michael Bay so there's plenty of slow motion, random drama/emotional events mid gun-fire, and explosions. Michael Bay still hasn't moved past bottle rockets and flying sparks as part of his explosion play set either. It's a bit difficult to follow at first since they try and rush in all the facts and cover the locations quickly in about 20 minutes. Afterwards though, it's all action and explosions.


Story begins at the height of the arab spring where Obama and $hillary thought they were doing the world a favor by encouraging democracy to rise up in the middle east and would have their legacies cemented by an era of peace in the middle east.

The characters are all just waiting out their posts and trying to stay low key since nearly everyone is on their last stint til retirement. Libya is mostly neutral to the US but since everyone is muslim they have a natural tendency to just scream in arabic and run around with AK-47s mean mugging Americans.

Bureaucracy is ripe and is a cause of confrontation between the agency kids and soldiers. However, at some point violence erupts and a stampede of goat loving muslims attacks the embassy..

*Notable points*
-You know it's a muslim city when people are shouting in arabic and there's a bunch of guys walking around with guns in broad daylight.
-The trained CIA operatives were apparently never trained to use a weapon.
-The only scene missing was the one were Crooked Hillary is at a wall street fundraiser for the Clinton Foundation drinking champagne with her usual disgusting grin. She waves off the secret service agent informing her of the attack and the loss of US life and orders him to get her a refill.
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  1. Ike's Avatar
    10/10 would read again