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Movie Review: Warcraft

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Category: Fantasy / Action
Rating: 6.5 / 10

I liked this movie, but at the same time I was seriously hoping for more. After watching it I realize it had a lot of potential. That being said, if I didn't know about the characters or events before hand, I wouldn't have had a fucking clue as to what was going on. They try to introduce a bunch of characters all at once and try to make a nominal note to the original story and instead try to force a bunch of typical movie drama shit that makes a lot of movies suck nowadays like literal interracial love, forced motives for revenge, bs comebacks, etc.

If you havn't played a warcraft or don't know the story then the movie would be extremely hard to follow. You would probably have no idea why medivh goes psycho, why the orcs are invading, why do some orcs look more notable than others, why mages are such assholes (I couldn't figure that one out either), what the general rules and relationships with the races are, what the hell are these mage vows are (???), and a few other things like who is who in general. If it wern't for the fact that warcraft shit is so similar to lord of the rings nobody would have a clue at all outside of wow/wc3 nerds.

Even understanding what's going on was crappy though. They made up a ton of shit and deviated from the original story and threw in a bunch of bs to make characters seem more honorable or vengeful. Anyone who played wc1/wc2 or is a loremaster knows the orcs went about raping and pillaging with ease, razed stormwind, and turned it into some corrupt orc base. I guess that wasn't a happy enough ending.

Overall the idea of them fleshing out the story of the orc invasion could've been great, but they decided to throw in a lot of bullshit and change the story. The character development is especially awful. You wouldn't know that the orc chiefs were there unless you played WOD. I had no idea that was Lothar. The only character you end up really liking is gul dan because he's not being wishy washy about what he wants to do. When I watched movies like LOTR and harry potter I at least had a clue as to what was going on since they took the time to spell it out and not rush things.

The one saving point of this movie is the way they depicted the orcs. Pretty much the only good scenes are the ones where there are orcs - more specifically Gul' Dan and the grunts. They are running around smashing shit for the most part. I would've enjoyed the movie much more if it was just orcs running around beating up humans and running them over with just a shield and a horned helmet. The humans all look like LARP faggots. Don't even get me started on the super saiyans aka elves.


The story basically focuses on the first invasion of Azeroth by the orcs. Guldan opens the portal and the invasion begins. The orcs run around stomping humans with ease.

The humans want to investigate what this fel magic in. They question an imprisoned Khadgar (??) and take him to meet and consult with Medivh. On the way back to stormwind they get ambushed. They capture Garona as well and she falls in love with Lothar.

The humans end up coming up with a plan to fight the orcs. The orcs also begin to question Gul'dan's methods.

*Notable points*
-You know it's a fictional movie when there's an asian general in a medieval setting. At least he's not black.
-I recognized like...3 spells? Siphon soul, teleport, and that mage rune thing...I guess the CGI budget was spent on orcs.
-All of the elves and mages look like they're just charging up to cast a spirit bomb.
-Leave it to a warcraft movie to show that casters and ranged weapons are overpowered as fuck. The melee warrior orcs were destroying shit up until the point mages and ranged weapons came into play. Even if they fucked up the story at least they got the world of rangedcraft part right.
-Orcs on horses still look stupid in movies confirmed.
-That gate was blown up with magic, it didn't just power down randomly. I got a loremaster achieve once so I know wtf I'm talking about.
-Thrall was rez'd with fel magic. Sounds legit.
-The mutinous Durotan was rather disrespectful to the guy who saved his newborn son's life.
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