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Thread: Hi

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    Going to give WoW another go around. I doubt I can catch up to the point where I am able raid with guys again, but if anyone wants to run simple stuff or pvp, let me know. Blizzard should have had the time to generate enough content to keep me busy for a long while.

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    You'd think that. I guess it depends on how long a long while is.

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    Hey, Deace. Who all is still playing? I only recognized emm,zerix,shields,savedu, and nutron from the dkp lists.

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    That sounds about right.

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    Longtime Zerix You had all but retired when I left. Ath and Zanzer quit? I thought for sure they would still be around. Was hoping maybe Whiteyy also.

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    You're my hero, Malloy.

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    Still trying to install Axen, halfway through the burning crusade. Come back from the dead and join me. I'll heal us through impossible odds, you can kill everything, and then we save the world and get statues made of us.

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    Ath and Zanzer quit during the summer. Whitey quit around then too.

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    I'm pretty sure it would be the other way around; you know my melee run was short lived. The vanilla days and the few great moments of BC raids are long gone -- you will be sad upon returning. I'm down for the statues, though.

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    guys can i come back too, i promise to rage less at savedyou and more at someone else

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    There are so many new outlets for your rage.

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    hello, malloy and shaft~

    also does anyone else remember scboo getting feared during kael'thas? that's my defining memory of scboo, and I'm not sure my mind is just replicating something it saw in a pug and ascribing it to him.

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    y helo shaft n malloy ;D

    thanks for that neat reminder of the scboo fail, axen..good ol days


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