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Thread: Fearless

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    Heroic Sha of Fear is dead! We finished the tier at US 18th 25 man. This was a unique tier for us considering our late start.

    Here's our story of how we almost gave up, were left for dead, and then finished strong:

    On Monday October 29th, Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast of the US, and I lost power. By the time I returned that Friday, the officers decided to stop raiding 25 mans. We had lost too many core members when we stopped raiding after Dragon Soul and the old officers were tired. For the next few weeks, we slogged through 10 mans to try and keep our motivated players interested, we cleared 8/16 HM, and planned to finish the tier as a 10 man guild. Yet one new guy, Fred, still believed, and had grandiose plans to bring together old raiders and new blood based on our name and past achievements.

    So, we resumed 25 man raiding the week after Thanksgiving break. The top guilds in the world were already done with the tier, and our closest competitor was on Heroic Empress. Half of our roster had never done heroic MSV, two thirds were trials, everyone was behind on gear, and I hadnít led a raid since Sunwell. We crushed the instance, scoring a US 48th kill on Will of the Emperor, despite the fact the ring of frost strategy was fixed the week we started raiding. By the end of the week, we were caught up with our ten man progression.

    Progression continued quickly, we were up to Heroic Empress with server first still up for grabs. However, being weeks behind in attempts and months behind in gear, we were unable to claim the server first and settled for a US 26th kill on Empress right before the holidays. We then took a 2 week break. Some people began doubting us again, but those doubts were silenced once everyone came back in January. We quickly cleared the rest of Terrace, and started working on Heroic Sha. Using a unique 4 tank strategy because we were still behind on gear for phase 1, we killed Sha in 97 attempts and were the 18th US guild to finish the tier in 25 man.

    Overall, it took 7 weeks (5.5 weeks progression) to clear this tier. Not too bad considering everyone ranked higher than us was at least H10/16 when we started on H Garajal, with players still in blue gear. We are eager for the next tier. Expect to see us back on top.

    I would like to thank the old members who stayed when things looked grim, the new members who took a leap of faith when all the rumors points to a dead guild, and Fred for bringing everyone together. See you next tier.

    P.S. We are still recruiting, apply today.

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    Couldn't have done it without you Itchyy.

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    Good Job to everyone especially to old raider / officer / raid leader

    when i joined the 2nd weeks on progression i knew we can come back to the top

    Good job everyone!

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    Keep up the tempo, good job guys



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