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Thread: Sup Quantology

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    Sup Quantology

    Apparently you have a holy paladin named Quantology applying to your guild under the name Holycurves.

    First, let's just clear this up. He's an eBay. I raided with Drama on Korgath, and we got Celestial Defender, whereas Gentlemen's Club got Death's Demise. I caught him in a lie when he tried to claim that he got Celestial Defender with Gentlemen's Club, because as far as he knew, when he bought the account the shaman was guilded in GC.

    Here's him trying to pretend he's Pharz, a shaman from Drama.

    Here's Pharz verifying he sold the account on Drama forums after I asked him about it.

    Here's what he posted in Promethean forums after he left raid MID Horridon attempts.

    Apparently now he's claiming that he was gkicked for taking a two week break. Wrong. He got sat constantly because he's face down 50% into any fight, and so ragequit.

    Have fun.

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    Puncher Of Dragons Brolandi's Avatar
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    Would ya look at that

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    thanks friend.

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    Pls pass that loot Zelus Zelus's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brolandi View Post
    Would ya look at that

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    So I totally called this one

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    Damn I think I remember a vapourz rogue from shattered hand too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shade View Post
    Damn I think I remember a vapourz rogue from shattered hand too.
    First time I've been Vapourz :/. Someone took Vapour on Malfurion.

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    I approve this message.

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    dragon irl Zaru's Avatar
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    Makes sense!

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    I really wish you could see his application thread. I think you could probably add some hearty comments to it.

    And to be fair - in holycurvezz (sick name btw) defense - I don't think the account came with an owners manual. That's just poor customer service.


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