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    Bioshock Infinite

    Just finished off the last 80% of the game in one sitting... like one of those books you just can't put down. Definite must buy for anyone who enjoys innovative fps-style games with fantastic storylines.

    Edit: spent about 15 hours total. Take the game slowly. Enjoy the environment. Inspect all the little things. This game rewards you with little pieces of the society they've built by going into the nooks and crannies to find pieces of the story.

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    Can get it for $45 here:

    You either get refunded $15 after buying it for 60, or they give you a $15 store credit. Great deal for what everyone's calling a great game

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    How many hours total to finish Xyro

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    Awesome! Just went to my gamestop and I saw my boss had stacked the CRAP out of them on the back walls, lmao. I havent touched it yet though, Im still obsessing over Dishonored even though I beat it. When I found out that there was DLC for dishonored I was like...

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