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    Anyone still around?

    What's going on. Someone reminded me of my pvp video the other day so I had to see if anyone was still around.

    I saw Shaft and Emmortal were still posting. How are you guys?

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    ahahaha run awayyyy run away

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    I've been all right, how about you?

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    ohey hulk, come by irc!

    what are you doing these days?


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    great video back then and 720p too

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    holy shit....this guy is a legend lol - awesome

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    fades = Shaderunner from <Ret> BTW, he finally came to the dark side

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    Quote Originally Posted by fades View Post
    great video back then and 720p too
    fuck i was gonna post this

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    Oh shit, is this the same Hulksmash from that legendary video or am I being trolled? You and Pat were the ones that inspired me to finish my HWL grind on my war, mad props.

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    thats funny hulksmash is my name in guildwars2

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    O_O hulk you're my hero...

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    sup hulk, few people you remember hang out on irc now. You should stop by, PM me if you want the info.

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    this is bullshit. all you have to do as a has-been/casual/etc to not be treated like crap is to have a video? fuck it, i have a video. emm you remember that gluth kiting instructional joint i did back in naxx vanilla? heard you guys in aurora watched it and were like "WE NEED TO GET THIS CHICK"

    fuck man, i wish you guys woulda said something. "all you need is a video, mel, and then you can be our friends". fml.

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    Just a video, Mel? No, you need to be a legend.

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    ok..ok.. well.. what about that time during illidan... you remember...

    edit - i tried to downvote your post. i need to stay the fuck off reddit.


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