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    FFXIV Recruiting

    <Legacy> Recruiting for 3.2 and future content

    I'm currently building a static for FFXIV on Sargatanas NA and I'm posting here to see if any are interested. Currently I Need 3 raiders to fill the team. The Free Company at the moment is pushing for NA 2nd Kill on the final boss this tier.

    My group all is compiled of a core of players who have many years of raiding experience and have been in top NA statics. We aren't going anywhere and this game will be no exception to our previous successes. I am currently interested in solid players not necessarily jobs. All applicants are expected to commit to the schedule to best optimize progression. We also use fflogs to enhance our performance.

    Currently Recruiting:
    All exceptional players will be considered.

    Raid Times:
    12hrs a week 5pm-9pm PST Tuesday, Wednesday,Thursday.
    I am usually on Sargantanas as well Death Ballad send tells.
    Alternatively you can contact me on reddit.
    Or on these forums.
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    should have posted this when we went thru our ff14 phase like a year ago!

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    I still have an alt in the Vigil FC but sadly no one is on. Te player community is getting slightly better and the content difficult defiantly has ramped up in Heavensward. I would take any of you guys that are interested.

    They have logs now.

    Here is the FC Clear video.

    Just to give people an idea.

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    updated post with current needs.



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